Explorers’ Multiweek, 7 nights


- Long distance husky safari
- Snowmobile safari
- Northern lights hunt with huskies
- Musher´s burger in Mongolian Yourt
- Snowshoe excursion
- Self-guided activities as you choose

DAY 1 (Arriving to accommodation)

Flight from your airport via Helsinki ta Kajaani, transfer ta your accommodation. Check-in and time ta explore the resort.

DAY 2 (16 km Husky Safari!)

Unleash an unforgettable adventure with Vuokatti Husky's 6 km husky safari! Dive into a world of wonder as you're suited up in cozy thermal gear and instructed in dog sled driving by our seasoned guide. The thrill peaks as our enthusiastic huskies lead you through snow-kissed fields and serene forests. Experience the exhilaration af leading the dog team. Wrap up the experience with hot berry juice, grilled sausages, and insights into our exceptional Alaskan huskies!

Don't miss this chance ta bond with nature and our incredible sled dogs. Join us for a husky safari at Vuokatti, creating enduring memories and stories ta treasure forever!

DAY 3 (Snowmobile Safari 20 km)

This is the day for everyone who loves beautiful views and speed. Transfer ta the Safari Center for introduction and gearing up. Enjoy amazing winter scenery on a snowmobile safari! Your local guide will lead the way, as we drive safely into the winter wonderland by snowmobiles. We drive this safari with new Touring model snowmobiles - due ta new technology they're safer and more environmentally friendly as they produce lower emissions. On our way back we'II stop for a break and enjoy hot drinks & sweet snacks. This safari suits well for beginners tao.

The route length is about 20 km and the duration af the excursion is 2,5-3 hrs with transfers. This tour is driven 2 person per snowmobile.

DAY 4 CDay Off / Optional Activities)

This day is for options. For example, you can hit the slopes, go cross country skiing, rent snowshoes or spend the day at Katinkulta Spa or Superpark.

DAY 5 (20 km Husky Safari)

Get ready for an extraordinary journey with Vuokatti Husky! Step into cozy thermal gear and receive expert guidance on husky sled driving. Experience the thrill of taking the reins, driving your own team of huskies through a 20 km trail covering snowfields, forests, and a frozen lake. Embrace the moderate physical activity and the exhilarating kicksledding adventure. After the drive, relish Finnish hot berry juice and grilled sausages to warm up. But there's more - our team shares captivating insights into our remarkable Alaskan huskies and offers photo opportunities, ensuring unforgettable moments. Don't miss this chance to connect with nature and our incredible huskies. Book your husky safari at Vuokatti and create timeless memories that will stay in your heart, leaving you with stories to treasure for a lifetime.

DAY 6 (Snowshoe Adventure)

Snowshoe adventure is the perfect way to explore Vuokatti's winter landscape authentically. We'II start by teaching you how to use the snowshoes. Then your local guide leads you to the snowy forest where you can enjoy amazing winter scenery. You will hear interesting stories about the history and nature of the Vuokatti area. Along the way, we'II enjoy some hot drinks during the relaxing break. The route length is about 2 km. Perfect for families and groups! Duration of excursion 2 hrs with transfers.

DAY 7 (Day Off / Optional Activities)

The last day in the winter wonderland. Maybe you'II just enjoy the nature, have another Husky Safari or hit the slopes - the choice is yours and there will definitely be something for everyone. We can help you with activities.


Transfer to the airport and flight back home.


Explorers’ Multiweek, 7 nights

Holiday Apartment 42 m2Adult    Child* 
Winter 2023-2024 1229€ 585€
27.12.2023 - 3.1.2024 1511€ 649€
Holiday Apartment 58 m2    
Winter 2023-2024 1350€ 614€
27.12.2023 - 3.1.2024 1793€ 723€


*Child 4-14 v.

Prices include: accommodation in a 2-4 persons holiday apartment, linen & towels, final cleaning, airport transfers (Kajaani airportl, 4 activities mentioned in the program (2x huskies, 1x snowmobile, 1x snowshoel, transfers to the programs, full winter clothing. Price valid for minimum 4 adults, please advice.

Contact us:

Petri Heikkinen +358 50 585 1210
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